‘Mr E’ scoops £3m from Lottery triple rollover

British currency banknotes.
British currency banknotes.

A MYSTERY lottery winner from South Yorkshire has scooped a multi-million-pound jackpot in a triple rollover draw.

Identified only as Mr E, the lucky man won almost £3 million by matching all six numbers in last Saturday’s draw.

He shared the jackpot with four other people, each of them winning £2,932,661.

Mr E won the money without ever touching a Lotto ticket – he was playing through interactive channels online.

A National Lottery spokesperson said: “Well done to Mr E. He has banked an amazing prize with just a few simple clicks – he didn’t even have to pick up a ticket.

“If people play interactively, we not only check their numbers but also let them know they have won.”

Shoppers on the streets of Sheffield today had firm plans for the ways they would spend the money.

Laura Orgill, aged 17, from Woodthorpe, said: “I’d go on holiday, probably to Magaluf.

“And I’d go shopping for lots of clothes.

“I’d not go to uni any more – I’d move away, go on lots of holidays, and live a life of luxury!”

Jon Ellis Fleming, 23, from Norfolk Park, said: “I’d get rid of my debts, buy a new house, and buy a new car.

“Those would be the first three things. Then I would help out my family.”

Carol Hughes, 47, from Hathersage, would use the money to buy a fantastic new house. And she said: “I’d get loads of golden retriever puppies, and a horse maybe.

“I’d also love to buy a home abroad – maybe somewhere in the Greek islands.”

But Janet Birtle, 78, from Dronfield, was more philosophical. She said: “I don’t enter the lottery, but if I did I suppose I would give some money to family and some to an animal charity.

“Perhaps a new car would be nice too. But it is better to be satisfied with what you’ve got.”

Mr E joins a host of recent South Yorkshire lottery winners, including David Higginbottom, 34, from Rotherham, who scooped £174,655 last month after matching five numbers plus the bonus ball.

Graham Pyatt, 64, from Mexborough, won almost £1.5 million in August last year.The biggest South Yorkshire winners to date are the Holmes family from Doncaster. Les Holmes, 58, and his two sons Ian and Mark, won a massive £6.7 million this time last year.