Mum running to thank hospital

Andrea and Bradley Firth
Andrea and Bradley Firth

A SHEFFIELD woman is training for the city’s half marathon in May to raise money for the Children’s Hospital, where her son had a major operation as a baby.

Andrea Firth’s inspiration is seven-year-old Bradley, who was just four months old when he was diagnosed with a respiratory disease, Congenital Lobar Emphysema, and had to have part of his right lung removed.

Andrea, aged 43, said: “It was a very worrying time as we were told that even a cold could be very harmful to him and we had to keep him isolated in the winter to protect him from coming into contact with any bugs.

“We spent his first Christmas alone as our families had to stay away in case they were carrying viruses.”

She added: “Bradley is in very good health now. He still has asthma, which is well controlled by inhalers, but he is now like any other active seven-year-old. He loves spending time playing with his four-year-old sister as well as his cousins, to whom he is very close.”

Andrea has run 10K races and half marathons and completed the London Marathon last year. “Running the half marathon for the Children’s Hospital Charity is my way of giving something back for the fantastic treatment my son received.”

Congenital Lobar Emphysema occurs when air cannot leave the lungs easily. The lungs can become over-inflated, causing respiratory function to decrease and air to leak out.