Music festival comes to Sheffield Forgemasters

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A MUSIC and film festival has chosen Sheffield Forgemasters to host its first composer in residence.

Famous 80s pop artist and writer Mr Bill Drummond will take residency at Sheffield Forgemasters in May 2011.

Mr Bill Drummond, the Scottish co founder of 80s group The KLF, will be at Forgemasters Brightside Lane base from May 3-5th 2011 composing music as part of the Sensoria Festival.

Mr Bill, who is most famous for burning GBP 1 million in 1994, has chosen to use Sheffield’s global force in steel production after inspiration from his teenage years amidst steel mills in Corby.

He will spend three days at Forgemasters composing a score for each day and then perform one of the avant art pieces with a choir of 17 people chosen at random.

Sensoria take place in Sheffield from April 29th 2011 to May 8th 2011.