New £500,000 hub on the way

A £500,000 community hub with much-needed new homes will soon be in place for people in and around Woodhouse.

Wednesday, 5th December 2018, 10:29 am
Updated Wednesday, 5th December 2018, 10:35 am
An artist's impression of the new 'hub'

Designed by Self Architects and White Design, the state-of-the-art community scheme  will provide a a new home for the village library, alongside housing to meet local needs.

It mixes contemporary architecture for the single-storey   hub building, with more traditional design structures for the 12 new homes of eight bungalows and four houses.

The development, by the award-winning Jaguar Estates Group, is supported by Sheffield City  Council who will manage the new community centre.

Lead Architect Simon Lunn from Self and White Design said: 'This is a project that was conceived several years ago so we are delighted that it is now going ahead providing something of real value for the people of Woodhouse.

'The community building will not only provide a new home for the local library but also rooms which can be used for local events, meetings, classes and services '“ a one-stop hub for the community.

'Alongside this there will be new housing for the benefit of local people '“ a great project to have in our portfolio.'

The new community centre, on Sheffield Road, will be run by local people and a crisp, contemporary style has been chosen to provide a warm and attractive addition to the local built environment.

Jaguar Estates Group is a niche, Sheffield-based developer with more than 50 years' experience in creating specific developments that fit in with the local environment and area.

Rod Wadsworth, a group director, said: 'We're excited about this project as it gives us the opportunity to create a space that is welcoming and appealing, and also flexible for a range of essential community services and projects '“ all under one roof.

'We're looking forward to work starting on site next month and to its opening at the end of 2019.'