New Comic Relief nose hails from South Yorkshire!

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COMIC Relief’s 2011 Red Nose was designed by a Rotherham company.

The charity is notoriously known for the money it raises on Red Nose Day, when flamboyant red noses are worn by members of the public, all in aid of the charity.

FRIPP Design in Catcliffe used specialist computer-aided design technology to create the 3D nose which is one of three available this year.

“Our task was to generate a hairy nose, without actually using hair,” explained Company Director Tom Fripp.

“It was a very difficult piece to produce but due to technology we have, we were able to create it quickly.”

The company - which is part of the Made in Sheffield trademark - produced master mould for the red nose, named Honkus, for free. It is also available in other forms, including a pen and car bumper.

Comic Relief has raised millions of pounds for charity since it was established in 1985.

Honkus will be sold for £1, alongside the two other designs, Captain Conk and Chucklechomp.