New group for young brass players

Young brass players in Sheffield now have a chance to hone their skills and play together in an ensemble.

Thursday, 14th February 2019, 17:18 pm
Updated Thursday, 14th February 2019, 17:27 pm
Sheffield Youth Brass Collective

Sheffield Youth Brass Collective is a new brass band generated by an alliance between the Sheffield Music Hub, the Sheffield Brass Network and Brass Bands England.

For several months, these organisations have been liaising to put together a new pilot brass ensemble for all the young brass and percussion players across the Sheffield region. The aim is to welcome as many young players to take part as possible, while ensuring that any alliances with existing brass bands remained unaffected.

The Sheffield Youth Brass Collective will open to brass and percussion players aged up to 18 of grade 3 to grade 8 level.

The first rehearsals have now taken place and the pilot project will culminate in a special Music Hub gala performance at the Octagon Centre on March 24.

The Sheffield Youth Brass Collective will play a contemporary selection of music led by their musical director, Rob Horscroft.

Ian Naylor, Head of Music at the Sheffield Music Hub, who opened the first rehearsal, said that the event was, “by bands, for bands, and with bands.”

Due to the enormous positive interest in the project, plans are already being mooted to extend the initiative.

Stuart Young, secretary of the Sheffield Brass Network, said: “This will undoubtedly benefit the 10 brass bands within the Sheffield city boundary and the 40 or so more within the wider Sheffield City Region”.

More information can be found about the project by visiting the Sheffield Brass Network website,, or social media outlets. Follow @sheffieldbrass on Twitter.