New home lined up for drug advice centre

A CENTRE for drug and alcohol counselling could move to a listed building in Sheffield city centre after a previous proposed relocation was blocked amid widespread opposition.

Premises in Arundel Street - once the master’s house for a range of Little Mesters’ workshops - are now being suggested for use by CRI in offering counselling, health checks and training in life skills and for careers.

Services are currently offered in nearby Sidney Street. A proposed move to Townhead Street fell through after opposition, but only one objection has been received, from a local business, in response to the Arundel Street application. Eighteen representations have been lodged in support, some from users of the current premises.

Councillors will be advised by their officers on Monday to give the go-ahead, saying it will provide an accessible location for particularly needy individuals. Fears about crime and anti-social behaviour have not been born out at other sites, it is argued.