New sculptures join metal collection

Museums Sheffield's Lucy Cooper with 'Hope' sculpture
Museums Sheffield's Lucy Cooper with 'Hope' sculpture

INTRICATE steel-based sculptures are joining Museums Sheffield’s metalwork collection - after the trust was one of five organisations to win a share of a £75,000 fund to buy new exhibits.

Hope, by Japanese artist Kyoko Kumai, comprises three objects of woven stainless steel.

The sculpture was purchased with a share of cash made available by funding body the Art Trust at COLLECT - Europe’s leading fair for international contemporary objects.

Lucy Cooper, curator of Metalwork at MuseumsSheffield, had to make a pitch for the money to buy the sculptures.

She said: “I’m thrilled to have won these fantastic objects for the city.

These are exquisite, intricate and unusual interpretations of the stainless steel material that Sheffield’s proud industrial heritage has given to the world.”

One of the judges, Stephen Deuchar, a director of the Art Fund, said: “The presentation from Lucy Cooper, a new face at COLLECT, was extremely persuasive.

“It is a privilege to be supporting MuseumsSheffield and these wonderful acquisitions in this way.”