New Sheffield theatre opens in disused beer cellar

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The doors have opened on Sheffield’s newest fringe theatre space, after eight months of hard work converting it from a disused beer cellar.

The Cellar at DINA arts centre, Cambridge Street, was originally where the beer was kept when the city centre venue was formerly The Cutler pub.

The project to convert the space began last November, when a theatre production company viewed it and decided it was the perfect location to host their play.

Miriam Schechter of Dear Hunter Theatre, co-wrote Club Bazaar along with Ben Price and Emily Compton, a performance about a dystopian future in which all art is banned, which ran for six sell-out shows.

Miriam said: “After the show we did not think we would use the cellar again, but it naturally became ours as DINA were happy for us to take it on as a project.”

Volunteers have worked hard for over 600 hours over the last few months to convert the area, and The Cellar is now a safe, functioning theatre venue.

From July to September, there is a programme of an eclectic series of performances planned from artists and all-ability workshops.

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