NEWS IN BRIEF: Thieves break in to sheds and garage

POLICE are investigating the break-in of a shed on Bannerdale Road, Banner Cross, Sheffield, between Saturday and Monday.

Another shed was broken into on Derbyshire Lane, Norton Lees, during daylight hours on Tuesday. And a garage was broken into on Cobnar Road, Woodseats, the same day. Anyone with information should call South Yorkshire Police on 101.

Arson on vehicles

A CAR found burning on Jaunty Way, Gleadless, Sheffield, had been deliberately set alight. Firefighters extinguished the blaze at 3.15am yesterday. A Ford Transit van found burning on Fairleigh, Manor, Sheffield, had also been deliberately set alight. The blaze was reported at 10.10pm on Monday.

Cars broken into

TWO vehicles parked on Ashland Road, Nether Edge, were broken into overnight on Sunday. A vehicle parked on Ecclesall Road, Sheffield, was broken into the following night. Police are also investigating the break-in of a car on Greenfield Road, Greenhill, last Saturday.

Houses ransacked

A HOUSE on Slate Street, Lowfield, was broken into overnight on Saturday by a burglar who got in through an insecure door. A burglar also forced a door on White Thorns View, Batemoor, last Friday.

Chip shop blaze

A DEEP fat fryer went up in flames in Meadowhead Fish Bar, Meadowhead, Sheffield. Firefighters were called out to the incident at 6.30pm on Wednesday.