Newsagent stabbed during robbery

stabRB'Michael Wiles at his Langsett Rd newsgaents
stabRB'Michael Wiles at his Langsett Rd newsgaents

A SHEFFIELD newsagent was stabbed three times while fighting off a masked robber, believed to be in his teens.

Michael Wiles, aged 57, who owns Wiles Newsagents in Langsett Road, was knifed in the stomach, shoulder and told: “I’m going to stab you and murder you.”

After a struggle, the armed robber fled, taking just £20 from the counter.

Mr Wiles, who spent the night at the Northern General Hospital as a precaution, said: “I hope they find him and I hope they give him a long sentence before somebody else gets hurt.”

Four years ago his father, Lewis Wiles, aged 80, died when he hit his head on the pavement after a row with young customers outside the newsagents. No criminal charges were brought over the death.

Mr Wiles said the robbery happened after he had opened the shop as usual at around 6am. “Somebody came in for a packet of cigarettes, and as I went and served him another character came in with a balaclava covering his face up, saying, ‘I’m going to stab you and murder you’. It was quite a chilling thing to say. I believed him when he said it.”

At first, he did not realise that he had been knifed. “They said I’d lost a lot of blood but I didn’t feel anything.”

Police this week appealed for information about the robbery, which took place just before 8.30am last Friday.