Newspapers’ stalwart dies peacefully

BillKL''Bill Green, Sheffield's longest-serving commissionaire
BillKL''Bill Green, Sheffield's longest-serving commissionaire

SHEFFIELD Newspapers’ longest-serving commissionaire has died peacefully at home, aged 88.

Former soldier William Henry Green, was a member of the Royal Engineers from 1943 until 1962, when he left and moved to Sheffield.

He started work at the company’s York Street base, where The Star and Sheffield Telegraph are produced, for £18 per week, as a commissionaire - a position he held for almost 30 years.

Bill worked full time until 1986, although he continued to work part-time right up until 1992.

He died at home, on Hazlebarrow Road in Jordanthorpe.

Bill married Violet on July 25, 1942, and together the couple had 14 children - 11 boys and three girls. He was devastated by Violet’s death in 1990, and continued to write her poems every day.

Bill’s youngest daughter Sharon Tose, 52, said: “He was a very proud man, very quiet, very private.”

She added: “He was a very generous, kind, loving man who had a great sense of humour and was devoted to his family.”