NICHE STABBINGS: Video shows moment topless Santa becomes involved in mass brawl

This is the moment a topless Santa became involved in a mass brawl on the dancefloor of Niche, before the violence spilled outside and led to four men being stabbed.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 21 August, 2018, 17:33

Leyton Orr, Negus Nelson, Roemol Taylor and Torrington Smith were all jailed during a hearing held at Sheffield Crown Court today (Tuesday, August 21) after admitting a charge of violent disorder over their involvement in the fight that broke out in the Niche nightclub in the Wicker on December 23 last year.

The fifth defendant in the case, Junior Nietawas given a suspended sentence after Recorder Bernard Gateshill accepted his assertion that after initially lashing out at a man in the club, he subsequently attempted to defuse the situation outside by acting as a 'peace maker'.

Torrington Smith was captured on CCTV kicking and stamping on people, while topless and wearing a Santa hat

The court heard how four men from Barnsley, including a father and son, were stabbed in the attack, with one member of the group suffering six knife wounds.

Another of the men was stabbed in the stomach, while a third man suffered a stab wound to his thigh and a broken ankle.

A fifth man suffered cuts, bruises and a fracture in the attack.

Leyton Orr

This CCTV video shows Smith kicking and stamping on a man on the dancefloor of Niche, before the violence sweeps through to the other side of the club.

Scores of people can then be seen scrapping, as the brawl moves closer to the bar.

The CCTV then switches to Walker Street, where footage shows the violence escalating further.

The sentences

Junior Nieta

All of the defendants pleaded guilty to a charge of violent disorder at various earlier hearings. Smith was also sentenced for additional charge he pleaded guilty to of assault occasioning actual bodily harm at the Corporation nightclub on April 24 last year.

The defendants received the following sentences:

- Leyton Orr, 26, of Spinkhill Road, Woodthorpe: 16 months

- Negus Nelson, 29, of Carwood Road, Burngreave: 16 months

Roemol Taylor

- Roemol Taylor, 20, of Carwood Green, Burngreave: 30 months

- Torrington Smith, 29, of St Mary's Walk, Lowfield : 23 months

- Junior Nieta, 34, of Carwood Road, Burngreave: 16 months, suspended for two years; a 30 day rehabilitation activity requirement and 150 hours of unpaid work.

Torrington Smith
Negus Nelson