‘Nick Clegg a fantastic MP for Hallam and Sheffield’

I read your Opinion column with interest this evening.

You have obviously not done your research properly.

Very few yellow-handled knives are being plunged into the back of Nick Clegg.

Apart from one person, Lord Oakshott – who treated Ming Campbell in the same disloyal way when he was leader – and who sees himself as Warwick the Kingmaker – the majority of Liberal Democrat supporters are loyal to Nick and back him 100 per cent.

The only bit of your column which is true is that it has been advantageous for Sheffield to have Nick Clegg as Deputy Prime Minister.

Nick is a fantastic MP for Sheffield Hallam and works very hard for all of us in this constituency.

However, he looks after the interests of the whole of the city not just Sheffield Hallam.

This is something which cannot be said for the Labour council.

When I arrived in Sheffield 47 years ago I was a Labour supporter.

It didn’t take me long to realise that I had moved to the wrong area of the city as far as the Labour Party were concerned.

In 47 years they have never been interested in me and/or Sheffield Hallam.

As one Labour councillor said to my husband and me many years ago ‘why should we be interested in you and your area when you don’t vote for us?’ The Labour Council in Sheffield has never been interested in the whole of the city.

Most of the problems for Nick Clegg which are being are being reported are being fabricated by the gutter press which we have in this country.

I had hoped that the Sheffield press would not stoop to the low levels of most of the nationals.

It would appear that my hopes were in vain.

Joan Stratford

S10 3RG