No place like home

Lyndsey Gambles at one of her favourite places, the British Oak Pub in Mosborough
Lyndsey Gambles at one of her favourite places, the British Oak Pub in Mosborough

LYNDSEY Gambles is sales executive for South Yorkshire at Home Group.

CASTLE INn, Bakewell

As every Sheffielder knows, the proximity to the Peak District can’t be ignored. Picnics at Padley Gorge and walking round the grounds of Chatsworth in the summer evoke lots of memories for me but the place I go back to most often is Bakewell. Without fail we always head to the Castle Inn for lunch when we’re there. The food is fantastic and I always plump for the same thing – a rich salmon mousse with homemade oatcakes and a tomato sauce on the side. It’s delicious! Most importantly, my dog, Spencer, is allowed to come inside too so he enjoys a nice meal as well!


I’m from Dronfield originally and I’d love to move back there one day but for now I’m settled in Mosborough. I really love the area – especially because there are some nice pubs within walking distance of my house! The British Oak is my favourite on Mosborough Moor and I like to enjoy a cheeky glass of wine in there at the end of the week. There are also lots of fields and nice countryside behind my estate too which is nice to go home to after a day working in the city centre.

Graves Park

Graves Park has been my favourite park since childhood – I have fond memories of many a school trip there with my friends. I’m always amazed how quiet it is considering how close it is to the noise and bustle of Woodseats, but it’s a great place to escape all that. There are some lovely walks, an animal park and a café – you can often find me there walking Spencer on a Sunday afternoon followed by lunch at my boyfriend’s parents’ house nearby.


As you can tell I’m really keen on being outdoors and love opportunities to explore. There’s a walk I’ve found through the woods past the fields behind where I live, which leads into a fantastic clearing with views out across the countryside as far as Eckington. It’s such a peaceful place to go and spend some time. I also love driving up and out of Sheffield to see the fantastic view from Owler Bar – the contrast of the industrial city landscape sprawling out behind with the rolling countryside ahead makes me feel really lucky to live here.

Hillsborough football ground

My love of the outdoors extends to football! I’m a Wednesday fan through and through and have been ever since I started to going to matches with my dad at the age of five. It’s a real family pastime and, although I don’t go to games as much as I used to, I still like to get out to our spot on the kop and watch a game when I have time.

Division Street shops

I like a good wander round the shops as much as the next girl and spending most of the week working so close to Division Street means I head down there most days. My favourite stores are Ark and Within Reason. Ark has some really quirky clothes and it’s nice to wear something different that hasn’t come from a big chain. And I love the candles and ornaments they have at Within Reason, it’s the place I always go when I want to buy myself a treat for the house. When I’m up at the Rise S12 marketing office we’re close to the market at Crystal Peaks too – they have some great stalls for fresh meat and vegetables which is much cheaper than going to the supermarket.

International market

I like to try new and different kinds of food so I always swing by the international market that is held in Fargate when it’s on. I love to take a good couple of hours in an afternoon to browse the stalls and taste some of the things on offer – I always come away with a full shopping bag and then wonder what I’m going to make with it all! The craft stalls there are great too. I often pick up quirky gifts to give friends and family for birthdays.