Nostalgia in the air for 1950s-themed celebration

Sylvia & Alex Hanson
Sylvia & Alex Hanson

A WAVE of nostalgia swept through Rotherham at a 1950s-inspired Diamond Jubilee celebration.

Classic cars and all the old-fashioned fun of the fair provided the perfect setting for hundreds of patriotic residents who turned out to celebrate.

Grandmother Sylvia Hanson, aged 76, decked out her mobility scooter with Union Jacks in a show of national pride, while grandson Alex looked every inch the prince in his flag-covered attire.

Mrs Hanson, of Herringthorpe, said: “I was 16 when the Queen came to the throne - I’ve been telling Alex all about it so he understands how important it is. I’m very pro-Royal, I like the Queen and I am really happy to see so many people in Rotherham celebrating. The Jubilee has really brought everyone together.”

Others who went the extra mile were Little Arches Residential Care Home at Clifton, Rotherham.

Manager Andrea Briggs and her deputy Claire Cosgrove spent the morning painting Union Jacks on the faces of residents before heading into the town centre in novelty hats.

Claire said: “It’s fantastic, we’re just a bit disappointed no-one else looks as over the top as we do!”

Scout groups set up an activity centre outside Rotherham Minister, with everything from trampolining to mini go-kart races.

Neil Leatherland, district commissioner for Rotherham Scouts, said: “The Queen is our patron so it’s very important for us to be involved. Part of our duty is to Queen and country and that’s why we’re here.”