Novel idea to take used books to city libraries

Councillor Mick Rooney Cabinet Member for Communities
Councillor Mick Rooney Cabinet Member for Communities

IN ADDITION to borrowing from the library, Sheffield residents are being invited to take their used books so they can be recycled.

All libraries in the city now accept donated books and CDs that can either be added to the libraries’ collection or sold in a ‘give and take’ section for 50p.

Frecheville, Firth Park and the Central Library will be the first libraries to offer readers the chance to buy the donated books and the council intends to roll out scheme across the city in the next few months.

Coun Mick Rooney, cabinet member for communities, said: “Both these options will ensure that your books can be enjoyed again by lots more readers.

“The money raised will be used to buy new books for the city’s libraries.

“If you want to donate books you just need to make sure they are in reasonable condition and then take them down to your local library.”

He added: “We are really proud of our innovative library service in Sheffield and this new scheme is just another way of promoting lifelong learning and celebrating reading. We know that libraries are close to people’s hearts in Sheffield, with over 2.6m visitors and at least 2.5m books borrowed over the last year.”

Libraries are suffering cutbacks along with other council services in Sheffield.

Coun Rooney said the latest initiative was the start of a number of changes.

“This summer we will be asking people to say what they want from their library service and to help us design a service fit for the future.”