Objections to Sheffield strip club’s licence renewal

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NEWS: News.

A Sheffield strip club’s bid to renew its licence has been met with objections - with one saying its location in a cultural quarter was ‘troubling.’

Spearmint Rhino, on Brown Street, has applied to renew its sexual entertainment licence and the bid will be heard at a Sheffield Council committee next Tuesday.

There have been several objections from people who say the venue undermines the cultural quarter of the city close to galleries, workspaces an art school and student union.

Bridget Kelly, Chief Executive of SHIFT, an educational centre which works with young people , said the club portrays a “seedy and rather down market image” and that it has a bad influence on their students.

She wrote: “Spearmint Rhino presents poor modelling of adult behaviour and supports the commodification of women in a commercial environment.

“This is not a lesson we want our students to learn.”

Shelley Roche-Jacques, a lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, said: “I find it troubling and inappropriate that such a venue should be located in the heart of Sheffield’s Cultural Industries Quarter”,

Nether Edge councillor Nikki Bond said that many women feel unsafe walking around that area at night and fear for their safety.

She added: “There are reports of groups of men leaving Spearmint Rhino and going on to sexually harass women at the Leadmill. There are two support centres for vulnerable women in this area. I have no doubt that survivors will feel vulnerable accessing these services in the vicinity of a club that endorses sexual objectification.”

Spearmint Rhino’s licence was granted in 2012 after new licensing rules came in. At the time 56 people objected.