Eckington parrot rescued from chimney

Doreen Robinson with Ricky the parrot who was rescued from a chimney
Doreen Robinson with Ricky the parrot who was rescued from a chimney

It was a case of ‘Who’s a naughty boy then?’ after a shy parrot made a flyaway exit – straight up his owner’s chimney.

Ricky the parrot caused some ruffled feathers when he did a disappearing act after being let out of his cage for some morning exercise. His elderly owner Doreen Robinson was puzzled as to where the pet had gone, until she heard fluttering sounds coming from the chimney breast of her council home.

Doreen, aged 83, said: “It seems Ricky had somehow climbed behind the gas fire where the back boiler is located – he must have liked the warmth in there. But if the boiler had been on I think Ricky would have roasted!”

Doreen called Rykneld Homes, which manages her property on Royale Close, Eckington, where she has lived for eight years.

They sent out a gas engineer to look at the problem shortly afterwards.

And Ricky was released by worker Shaun Morris after he temporarily removed the fire and encouraged him to leave his new perch.

Shaun said: “It was the most unusual call I’ve ever received, but I am glad it had a happy ending.

“I don’t know how the parrot had managed to get behind the fire.

“He seemed to be enjoying the warmth and needed some persuading to come out of there!”

Ricky is now safely back in his cage, and seems to have fully recovered from his adventure.

Doreen, who has owned Ricky for almost three years, added: “He is okay – just a few ruffled feathers.

“Ricky doesn’t say very much, just his own name, but I hope he’s learned his lesson.

“I was so pleased Rykneld were able to come out so quickly.”

Niall Clark, director of property services and development at Rykneld Homes, said: “This was definitely one of the most unusual calls we have ever received.

“Our skilled gas engineer knew exactly how to remove and refix the gas fire safely, and we were happy to be able to rescue Ricky for Mrs Robinson.”