‘Outlawing slang won’t work’

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READERS have given their verdict on a Sheffield school barring slang and local dialect in the classroom.

Springs Academy in Arbourthorne says children need good communication skills to succeed during tough working conditions.

The topic has sparked healthy debate among parents and fans of The Star on Facebook have joined the discussions.

Ray Jackson said: “Every area has its own slang and the north has its own particular type.

“It’s blatant snobbery trying to stop it and it won’t work at all, they tried this in school when I was a kid in the 1960s and it didn’t stop or suppress one single word.”

Common Sheffield dialect words like ‘abaat’ and ‘reight’ are said to be top offenders at the school.

But support for the stance has also been forthcoming.

Liam Ashton said: “Pointless to ban it in schools because they will just continue to use slang at home and with friends out of school. Especially if parents and friends use strong slang.

“They do have a point though, it’s better to speak and pronounce words properly.”

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