South Yorkshire cat’s eyes saved after brush with bush

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THEY say cats have nine lives - but this miracle moggy has proved he is luckier than most after a freak accident.

Rory, a 10-month-old ginger cat, was given a one in 100 chance of retaining his sight after a brush with a rose bush.

The four-legged friend, known for his clumsiness, is thought to have been coming down from a tree when he fell into a rose, snapped the stem off and caused it to go straight through his eye.

Horrified owners Sharon Worman, of Barnsley, and son Carlo then sprang into action to help their distressed pet. Rory was taken to the local vet, with the stem still caught several centimetres in his peeper.

Sharon said: “My son Carlo told me that Rory had returned home with a prickly stem in his eye but he wouldn’t let me see him because he knew I would be too upset.”

Experts at Abbey Vets, Cudworth, told the family the chances of Rory being able to see again were slim.

Sharon said: “The vet took him straight to the vets where they were able to operate on him immediately and remove the stem, complete with thorns.”

But thanks to the hard work of the team, the operation was a success and Rory is back at home and fighting fit with full vision in tact.

Sharon said: “Rory was able to come home the same day and the vets gave us the piece of rose bush that they removed. He was very lucky to have had no lasting damage.”

Tony Duffy, of Abbey Vets, said: “The stem went several centimetres into Rory’s eye but fortunately it went under the eyeball and lodged in the eye socket.

“If it had gone millimetres the other way, Rory could easily have lost his eye or damaged his tear duct but he appears to have made a full recovery.”