Oh baby! Look at me now

Fiona Hennessey with her children at home in Handsworth
Fiona Hennessey with her children at home in Handsworth

A brave Sheffield mum is flying the flag for real women everywhere by showing off her naked post baby body to the world.

Fiona Hennessey, aged 32, stripped off and posted nude snaps of herself online - in a bid to encourage other new mums to be proud of their post natal figures and beat their body insecurities.

Naked mum Fiona Hennessey has stripped off to show she's poud of her post-baby body

Naked mum Fiona Hennessey has stripped off to show she's poud of her post-baby body

“I gave birth to my son just nine months ago and have watched my own body change and soften,” said Fiona, of Handsworth.

“Rather than mourn the figure I used to have, I wanted to celebrate my new body and be proud of the changes it’s gone through - after all, I’m a mum and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

The mum-of-two was inspired to strip after stumbling across a website on the internet called 4thtrimesterbodies.com, which celebrates women’s post birth bodies.

“It made me want to join the movement and spread the message,” Fiona said.

“I saw these images of real women who all looked beautiful and happy in their own skin and thought ‘Girl power. I can do that.’”

She roped in a photographer friend to take the photographs and then shared them online.

Since putting the images on her blog Fiona has been inundated with support from mums, thanking her for her bravery - and some have even been inspired to de-robe themselves.

“The feedback has been wonderful, everything from ‘you’re so brave,’ to ‘oh my gosh I need to do this’,” she said.

Fiona, who lives with her husband Richard and their children, Esme and Lucas, works as a private antenatal instructor.

She changed career last year, quitting her job as a medical sales rep, and recently launched ‘Bumps and Births,’ a new clinic on Campo Lane in Sheffield.

The aim is to help women have a more positive birth experience.

Fiona said: “I did a lot of preparation for Lucas’s birth, attending classes and learning all I could about the positive effects of breathing, hypnobirthing and yoga.

“My second labour was such a positive experience and I came out of it feeling fantastic and really wanting to help other mums feel the same way.”

Fiona said mothers-to-be often ask her how pregnancy will change their bodies.

“Instead of sugar coating my response, I tell them the truth.

“I explain my stomach muscles haven’t knitted back together and I have a bigger, softer stomach, among other things.”
Fiona said her exercise routine consists of carrying her children up and down the stairs of their three-storey townhouse.

“I don’t have time for the gym but I wouldn’t have it any other way,” said Fiona, who sadly suffered a miscarriage between her two children.

“I’m very happy with my naked body though, there are no big hang-ups.

“It tells the story of my babies, my three pregnancies and two births are written indelibly on my skin.

“My babies did this to me and I wouldn’t change it for the world.”