OH NO IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN...Victims of 2007 flood watch in fear as river rises rapidly once more

The River Don at Kilnhurst which has clearly burst its banks
The River Don at Kilnhurst which has clearly burst its banks

THEIR homes were wrecked by the devastating floods of 2007...

And families in a South Yorkshire community left reeling from the floods are worried history could repeat itself.

Worried residents are keeping a watchful eye on the River Rother in Catcliffe, its levels swollen by more than two weeks of heavy rain - with another week of downpours forecast.

Madeline Hartley, aged 68, of California Drive, who has experienced two floods in Catcliffe, said: “I’m very worried. We lost everything in 2007.

“My husband Roy has moved his car to higher ground in Brinsworth.

“We are keeping an eye on the river but I don’t suppose there’s much we can do if it were to flood again.”

Wendy Green, also of California Drive, who was walking her dog along the road which runs along the side of the Rother, said: “I couldn’t believe how high it was this morning.

“Yesterday it had gone right down and now it’s halfway up the trees.”

Andy Rowley, 41, a builder from Treeton, added: “I walk my dog Bella down here every day, but today I can’t waked down the bottom part of the path due to the river, which has come up over a metre since yesterday evening.”

Council worker Nigel Frith, 49, was at the scene moving grate covers to check the level of the rising river.

He said: “We have been told by the environment people that the water levels should have reached their peak.

“I was here in 2007 and I would say that things were a lot worse then than they are likely to be now.”

Other residents have started to move personal belongings upstairs as a precaution.

A spokeswoman for the Environment Agency said it anticipated a gap in rainfall in South Yorkshire this weekend which will allow river levels to come down, but the area would be closely monitored as more wet weather is predicted.

A flood warning, the higher-risk category after an alert, was put in place for the River Doe Lea at Bolsover, Derbyshire.

She said: “We will be keeping a close eye on things in South Yorkshire and updating our website accordingly. We are hoping for a dry day today which will provide a bit of respite.”

The Environment Agency still has ‘flood alerts’ on a number of rivers in the region, including the River Sheaf and Porter Brook in Sheffield, the River Don and its tributaries from Penistone to Kelham Island in Sheffield, the River Don and its tributaries from Kelham Island in Sheffield to Hexthorpe and the River Don and its tributaries from Hexthorpe to Stainforth.

Flooding led to the closure of a number of roads across the county, with the junction of Aldwarke Road and Barber’s Avenue in Rawmarsh under water as well as the junction of Aldwarke Road and Waddington Way.

In Kilnhurst the junction of Hooton Road and Wharf Road were affected as well as Glasshouse Lane and Fordstead Lane in Barnby Dun.