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In this image taken from video, Monica Lewinsky embraces President Clinton as he greeted well-wishers at a White House lawn party in Washington Nov. 6, 1996. (AP Photo/APTV)
In this image taken from video, Monica Lewinsky embraces President Clinton as he greeted well-wishers at a White House lawn party in Washington Nov. 6, 1996. (AP Photo/APTV)

12th April 1961 : The Soviet Union successfully launched the first man into space, taking the prize for “The First Man In Space”. Yuri Gagarin was a 27-year-old air force major. He orbited the Earth in 1 hour and 40 minutes.

12th April 1921 : Coal Miners refused to consider British Prime Minister’s wage program. Miners were part of the Transport and General Workers and Railwayman’s Union, bloodshed was predicted if the talks failed completely.

12th April 1942 : Americans attacked 4 Japanese invasion bases in retaliation for the bombing of Pearl Harbor and British bombers distributed death and destruction on Rhineland in Germany.

12th April 1945 : Franklin D. Roosevelt dies after serving as U.S. president for 12 years. The 32nd president of the United States died from a massive cerebral hemorrhage at his retreat in Warm Springs, Georgia. Vice President Harry S. Truman became the President of The United States.

12th April 1966 : Major Storm at sea took eight lives when the cruise ship Michelangelo was battered by 45ft waves during a severe north Atlantic storm.

12th April 1984 : The NUM Miners’ leader Arthur Scargill ruled out a national ballot of miners on whether to the continue the miners strike. The miners strike started on 6 March after the head of the National Coal Board, Ian McGregor, announced plans to lose 20,000 jobs in the mining industry and ended on March 3rd 1985 making it one of the longest running industrial disputes in Britain. The strike continued for 12 months and ended because the miners failed to stop power production when the government used a higher percentage of electricity generated from oil powered power stations.

12th April 1992 : Euro Disney, a new $4 billion theme park, opens in in Marne-La-Vallee, a new town on the outskirts of Paris, France. This is the second Disney resort to open outside the United States after the first which was Tokyo and is now one of Europe’s leading tourist destinations.

12th April 1999 : President Bill Clinton is found in contempt of court by U.S. District Judge Susan Webber Wright for giving “intentionally false” testimony in a lawsuit filed by Paula Jones about his relationship with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

12th April 2006 : A new British law makes it illegal to glorify terrorism and distribute terrorist publications. The Terrorism Act 2006 banned groups or organisations that took part in these offences. Trespassing onto certain governmental sites also becamme a terrorist offence. Human rights campaigners argued the law was drawn far too widely, and it faced stiff opposition in the House of Lords.

12th April 2010 : World leaders, presidents, prime ministers and top officials from forty-seven countries, arrived in Washington for a nuclear security summit. Barack Obama warned world leaders of the problems of nuclear arms falling into the hands of extremists. He hopes that all nuclear materials will be made secure from theft or diversion within four years. The summit participants issue a broad Communiqué that affirms their dedication to preventing nuclear terrorism. During the summit Russia and the United States agree to dispose of some of their surplus weapons-grade plutonium under the deal that was signed at a nuclear summit in Washington. The deal asks for each side to dispose of 34 tons of the material. Moscow is to spend $2.5 billion on the program, with the U.S. contributing $400 million to the Russian disposal. Barack Obama said that the participants agreed to secure all the world’s vulnerable nuclear material within four years.