One in four Sheffield residents fall victim to buying counterfeit goods online, says survey


One in four Sheffield residents fall victim to buying counterfeit electrical goods online, according to a survey.

Research by Electrical Safety First highlighted how e-commerce websites are being misused by ruthless sellers as a platform to exploit online shoppers, exposing them to thousands of counterfeit, substandard and suspected recalled electrical goods.

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The charity surveyed 162 people across the region and found a quarter of them have fallen victim to buying counterfeit electrical goods on the internet which exposes them to fire risk at home and potential electrical shock.

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The type of products causing the most concern included tumble dryers, kettles, adaptors and hair straighteners.

Phil Buckle, chief executive of Electrical Safety First, said: "We were appalled to discover how easy it is to buy dangerous electrical goods online.

"Our investigation uncovered appliances that were visibly substandard, counterfeit or even subject to a recall, with model numbers matching items on our product recall list.

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"It’s evident that e-com websites must work to improve the way in which they regulate third party sellers to protect consumers from the risks posed by dangerous fake goods.”