OPINION: Inspire youth through Jess

DIDN’T we put on a party for Jess?

Sheffield woke up yesterday to trees draped in gold, banners adorning lampposts congratulating our heptathlon heroine, a stage in Barker’s Pool and big screens being erected for the anticipated bumper crowds.

Throughout the day people’s faces lit up on Fargate when they raised their eyes to see the preparations being put in place.

Flag sellers were out in force and the Tannoy was being tested.

All the preparation was in place for the main event.

And cometh the moment, cometh the crowds.

A multitude of people thronged Barker’s Pool to get a glimpse of our gold medal winner and to show her our support.

And Jess was supremely humble - as she has been ever since winning Olympic gold. She hasn’t forgotten her roots and nor will she.

Jess is a role model for those who want to inspire a future generation of sportsmen and women.

And as we have said before, it is the likes of her that the politicians should embrace and want to learn from, if they are serious about encouraging a more active lifestyle in our young people.

* * * * *

Outrage that taxi driver reinstated

IT is an outrage that a taxi driver previously banned from holding a licence for drug offences should be allowed to continue in the job and go on to commit sexual assaults.

The council said they were ‘extremely uncomfortable’ about Zahoor Mahmood being able to continue as a taxi driver on the streets of Sheffield.

But magistrates disagreed and reinstated him after he was twice banned.

Mahmood was described as being ‘not a fit and proper person to be a licenced driver’.

Unfortunately, he went on to prove this beyond all doubt by assaulting two vulnerable females.

He should never have been allowed the opportunity.

* * * * *

‘Millionaires’ Row’

PLANS for a ‘millionaires’ row’ in Ranmoor may be out of reach for all but the most financially fortunate of Sheffielders, but it’s very encouraging to hear that a building company would launch such a scheme in the city.

In these difficult times firms are naturally cautious about spending money and for them to have identified Sheffield as a place worthy of such an investment is cause for increased optimism.