Academy Hallamshire: The Science of Tennis in Sheffield

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In the modern era we often hear about how athletes pay homage to their coaching, sport science and medicine team helping them achieve success in sport.

Indeed tennis is no exception with players employing strength and conditioning coaches (physical trainers), sports nutritionists and sport psychologists.

Because of this Hallamshire Academy Tennis coach Jonny Fraser recently began a sport science business, Science in Tennis helping support tennis players of all ages and abilities across the city. The Sheffield Hallam University graduate aims to utilise research based methods using his seven years of experience learning from a range of top coaches here in the UK and USA.

Science in Tennis provides a range of services to tennis clubs across the city initially working alongside the Hallamshire Academy of Tennis however now an active part of both Abbeydale Tennis Club and Beauchief Tennis Club.

The range of sport science disciplines used includes strength and conditioning training, sport psychology and sports nutrition all delivered by fellow qualified former Sheffield Hallam University graduates.

This may vary from delivering basic strength based work with young children too providing high intensity, speed and agility drills with a player competing on the tour. Educating players on the correct nutrition for healthy living or allowing players to learn and put into practice mental skills training such as how to control anxiety or maintain concentration.

The reasons behind his business are not necessarily about producing the next Andy Murray or Jonny Marray or even exclusively working with elite athletes it is about complementing tennis as a sport which can be used as a vehicle to help develop players regardless of age or ability.

These skills players learn through their tennis coaching and sport science program can be used in every day life. For example the use of sport psychology can help a young player who struggles with concentration at school to develop strategies to help this or the physical conditioning can aid players to understand long term life skills such as how to lead an active life and look after their body.

Attending a recent conference in the USA with the International Tennis Performance Association this was clarified how the use of tennis and sport science can have a positive effect on players of all ages and abilities improving quality of life through enhancing physical, mental and social well-being. This should be every coaches responsibility to spread this message across the city of Sheffield.

However Science in Tennis is also geared towards supporting junior and senior players who are looking to compete at a higher National or International levels for example when Jonny Marray returns home to the Hallamshire Tennis Academy.

Unlike many sports you don’t have much contact time with a player and the game is very specific requiring both tennis coaching and physical training knowledge”.

To aid the development of promising juniors an exciting collaboration with Sheffield Hallam University and the Centre of Sport and Exercise Science is beginning to emerge with youth development programs. This will provide players in and around South Yorkshire access at a reasonable cost where they can be physically screened and tested whilst training in the world class facility at Collegiate Crescent. It is hoped that over the next year sport science support becomes recognised as an important component to help develop the city’s tennis players regardless of being a recreational or performance tennis player.

Anyone interested in finding more information please contact Jonny Fraser at or visit

Sheffield Success at Yorkshire County Championships

This year’s Yorkshire county tennis championships saw a number of Sheffield based players win titles. The county closed tournament, drawing players from all over Yorkshire, has events for players from 12 & under through to senior level. In the Junior events Conor Tordoff won the 16 & Under boys singles as well as the 18 & under boys doubles with Lewis Cox winning the 18 & under singles event. The Mens and Ladies open events were also won by Sheffield based players Tom Haslam and Olivia Noble respectively.