Column: My first steps to a healther, diabetic, lifestyle

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After the drama of the catastrophic appointment with the diabetes nurse, I spent a very quiet day reading the diabetic cookbook. I quickly understood that my new diet should mainly consist of meat, fish and vegetables.

Not all fruit is good for diabetics, due to the varying sugar content, but apples, conference pears, plums and cherries appear to be considered a good choice. Eggs are allowed, preferably Omega 3, but my cupboards could only yield Aldi free range so that had to suffice. I made a very tasty tuna fish omelette for lunch, instead of the usual cheese and ham toasty, and felt very virtuous for an hour - until I started craving the ice-cream I knew was in the freezer! Luckily, I managed to overcome this craving by eating an apple and a tiny bowl of yoghurt. I made low-fat sausages and onion gravy for dinner, along with mashed sweet potato. The recipe suggested mashing the potato with a bouillon stock cube, so that was added to my long, healthy shopping list. My diabetes research informs me that oats, chia and flax seeds are desirable foods to eat, so I met my youngest daughter and she took me to a stall on the market which sells this kind of ingredient. After fighting my way through the crowds gathered around the recent delivery of quinoa and cous cous, I bought chia, flax, pumpkin and sunflower seeds. After wasting an hour wondering what to do with them, I invented a new breakfast – porridge made with soya milk (a very acquired taste), oats, chia, flax, grated apple and cinnamon. The first few mouthfuls were delicious, the rest less so, but I persevered.

Despite sticking to the diet, I sometimes feel very ‘edgy’ and restless, and need an outlet to burn off some energy. My fat stores will surely shrink much more quickly if I help them on their way via some exercise. So, with this in mind, I bought a chunky black FitBit Charge HR and then spent the evening working out how to use it. I purloined the daughter’s abandoned iPod, loaded it up with cheesy 70s music, and managed 8,465 steps on my first attempt.

I’m determined to improve.

Endure my new repertoire of healthy meals, but unfortunately he too has now left me alone while he works in Scotland on a business contract. This would usually prompt an orgy of unhealthy eating and/or spending, but I have managed to remain in my healthy mindset and snacked only on kiwi fruit, omelette, salmon, prawns, cucumber and pears. I congratulated myself on eating well and not wasting money on impulse buys, and I’m also very pleased that I’ve managed to stop obsessively weighing myself every morning.

I’m not going to get weighed again until my review meeting with the nurse, hoping that all this exercise and healthy eating will yield the expected results. Fingers firmly crossed.