Dr Mary Wren: New perspective, a new you

Dr Mary Wren
Dr Mary Wren

I realised recently how we can easily believe things that are actually not true.

Just because the thoughts are in our heads we think the thoughts really are us and really are true.

It was a fortnight in Florida that highlighted this for me.

Now I am not a thin person – some people say I am big built – but I am not obese either. In recent weeks I had started feeling huge and lethargic, even though my weight was actually the same. This makes it easy to start eating more and exercising less just because that’s how you see yourself. My holiday put this into perspective. I found myself walking behind people with really enormous bottoms, or saw people who struggled to walk or climb stairs because they were so large. It was really sad to see. As time went by I “lost weight” as it were.

I didn’t really lose weight, my mindset changed. I started seeing myself as relatively thinner , so in my mind I was thin.

I also started seeing how energetic I was, how quickly I was able to climb stairs and that my body is actually healthy. The only real difference was perspective.

This reminded me how often we compare ourselves to others and draw conclusions about ourselves from what we see or hear.

Sometimes that can help us as it did for me in Florida – but often it hinders and sometimes it can destroy.

If I decide that I am not a worthy, valued person because I am thinner, fatter, taller or uglier than someone else, it can destroy my identity and value and quality of life.

My perspective of myself can be very subjective and easily changed depending on circumstances. If I only see myself in relation to the world around me – the world around me ends up defining who I am. It was a lesson for me and a reminder again that actually the only true source of my value and identity is God.

He loves me the same whatever I weigh, whatever I look like, whatever I can do or not do and wherever I am. I know from experience that when I choose to believe that truth and I choose to throw out the lies then I am happier and healthier.

This is then worked out in my eating, exercise, appearance and choices. We so often look at the wrong things.