Fan’s view: Steve Walmsley

Sheffield Wednesday chief executive Paul Aldridge with chairman Milan Mandaric
Sheffield Wednesday chief executive Paul Aldridge with chairman Milan Mandaric

I wasn’t at St Andrews thankfully and so relied on the radio and the views of other Wednesdayites.

It sounded like we were toothless up front, weak in midfield and a shambles at the back. Dave Jones reaction was to blame the players, be arrogant and defensive when his own position was reasonably questioned and then fall back to the “we are all in this together” approach.

Paul Aldridge has said that the wages budget is mid-table and if that is true then that budget has not delivered mid-table results either last season or this. Despite what Jones thinks, many people are now questioning whether we are getting value for money from the money spent and I think a defeat against Rovers will be his last game in charge.

Milan Mandaric is so far backing him and he is looking to sell, and therefore will not want to spend the money, but equally he won’t want to lose the fans by keeping the manager if he’s not delivering. I don’t doubt that Jones and his staff work very hard but good training sessions don’t win Championship points.

The speculation about Jones’ position has led some Wednesdayites to plan his replacement in the form of Paolo Di Canio. He was a brilliantly gifted player but he was also difficult and tempestuous and his managerial reigns at both Swindon and Sunderland have reflected that. For me that would be enough to say don’t touch him with a bargepole and when you add his political views into the equation then the warning lights are on for me.

In the meantime, Jones is in charge and we desperately need that win tomorrow.