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The last three years have arguably been the most successful in the 20 year history of Ecclesall Road’s Nonnas. The Italian has won national awards, been completely re-modelled and even attracted a visit from Hollywood A list actor Sylvester Stallone. No one has more instrumental in its recent success than Nonnas general manager Stefano Buralli. He was actually part of the Nonnas story long before it ever opened on Ecclesall Road – he just didn’t realise it at the time! Stefano was a childhood friend of Nonnas proprietor Maurizio Mori when they were both growing up in the Tuscan town of Montecatini in Italy. He re-kindled his friendship in 2003 when he moved to England and became a bartender at Nonnas. He was then promoted to restaurant manager and became general manager of Nonnas in January 2015. 
Stefano said: “It has been a great privilege to rise through the ranks. We’ve been able to build a new team at Nonnas – one that shares our love for first class food and exemplary service. We’re passionate about creating a truly authentic Italian experience and I’m proud to be working alongside Maurizio - a lifelong friend and someone that truly shares my ideals.” 
Stefano lives in Wadsleywith his wife and two daughters.

Sheffield – a true village if ever there was one

Stefano Buralli, general manager at Nonna's.

Stefano Buralli, general manager at Nonna's.

I must admit I was quite nervous leaving Montecatini for Sheffield. My Italian home town has a popular of 25,000. Moving to a city of 500,000 gave me sleepless nights! How would I cope! But I needn’t have worried - I settled in immediately. You hear a lot of people refer to Sheffield as a big village and I can confirm it is true! I can’t believe just how many people I know and how often I bump into them!

Admiral Rodney, Loxley

It would be hard for anywhere to beat the stunning views commanded by the Admiral Rodney across the Loxley Valley – the divide between urban Sheffield and the relative wilds of the Peaks. This British gastro-pub offers relaxing surroundings and a great way to wind down from the hustle and bustle of Nonnas.

Loxley Valley

I’m a keen cyclist and live in the perfect place for it The stunning countryside around Loxley and Bradfield is just minutes away from my house. There’s no better area to keep me fit! I feel blessed to live in such a haven for runners andcyclists.

Ecclesall Road

I’ve seen some amazing changes in this area in the 15 years I’ve worked amongst it. Nonnas was a real trailblazer when I first joined. Various national restaurant chains have arrived in the area in recent years and it has only helped keep us on our toes so we stay one step ahead.


I’m not a big lover of shopping but if I have to do it, I’d rather do it quickly. At least at Meadowhall it’s all under one roof.

Cubana, Leopold Square

It was massive jump moving from small premises on Trippet Lane to the sprawling Leopold Square but Cubana have truly risen to the challenge and their audience has grown as a result. Their restaurant offers fantastic tapas and entertainment.

Local VIPs

I’ve been privileged to meet scores of local celebrities at Nonnas. And it has always struck me that the more higher profile they are, the more humble and nice they are. I think it’s a Sheffield thing! From Jessica Ennis to the Arctic Monkeys – it has been an honour.


It’s always exciting when a new and innovative Italian opens in Sheffield and they don’t come more specialist than this place. Akentannos on Sharrow Vale Road opened as the city’s first dedicated Sardinian restaurant a year or so ago and it has a great name. The long lives of the Sardinian people is celebrated worldwide and Mario Masia and his wife Giovanna are bringing a new twist in Italian cooking to the city.

Paul Staveley, artist:

Paul Staveley is responsible for the stunning artwork on the walls of Nonnas – from the Pizza Di Montecatini Alto scene in Tuscany to our La Dolce Vita scene. He really is a true talent.