FAVOURITE THINGS: City sets the scene for Holly’s heroic passion

Holly Eyre infront of the Lyceum Theatre which is one of her favourite places in Sheffield. Picture: Andrew Roe
Holly Eyre infront of the Lyceum Theatre which is one of her favourite places in Sheffield. Picture: Andrew Roe

Holly Eyre is editor of the Sheffield-based website worldofsuperheroes.com, a worldwide fan site and news blog for fans of all things sci-fi and superhero. It is also the online marketplace for vintage superhero comics and memorabilia, the rarest items selling for £100,000. A lifelong fan of the genre, Holly, aged 23, of Sothall, studied art and design at Chesterfield College before going into the business her dad Steve launched four years ago. Their latest business venture brings the website to life - the World of Superheroes Convention, which will be taking over the Students’ Union buildings at Sheffield University on August 1 and 2. Around 8,000 visitors are expected, from die-hard fans in elaborate superhero and sci-fi costumes to local families.

St Paul’s Mercure

Hotel Spa

On the very rare occasion I get some time off and a babysitter, I like to go and relax with my closest friend at the spa at the St Paul’s Mercure Hotel. Their massages are incredible and the spa has a great swimming pool with lovely lighting along with a sauna and a steam room. It’s such a great place for a bit of ‘me time’. An added attraction is that it is just around the corner from the Winter Garden restaurants, so if we have time we go and enjoy a meal, or at the very least, stroll through the Peace Gardens.

Runaround Children’s Play Area

Since becoming a mum, my life has changed dramatically. One of the main places I now get to go to when I’m not working or clearing up after my boy is the Runaround Play Centre on Holbrook Rise in Halfway. It’s a children’s indoor activity centre combining play facilities with a cafe. It’s a great place for my son James and his cousins to socialise and learn and it gets me out of the house, too. It has free wi-fi access, so if I need to catch up on work emails I can take my laptop along. They do special theme days too and the last one was right up our street - the kids got to meet their favourite superheroes!

Zing Vaa

I have been going to this restaurant at the top of the Moor with my family ever since I can remember. We go for all our birthdays and I always love the food and the atmosphere. It’s easily missed if you don’t know it’s there. It’s little entrance looks quite insignificant, but it’s so worth finding it. In my opinion - and I am a huge fan of Chinese food - the Zing Vaa is by far the best Chinese restaurant in Sheffield.

The world of

superheroes vault

Neatly lined up on loads of shelves at the headquarters of Worldofsuperheroes.com is probably the world’s most extensive collection of superhero memorabilia. We call the room The Vault. Everything in it has been hand-collected by my dad Steve, who is our CEO and a lifelong fan of the heroes and villains that rose to fame in Marvel and DC Comics as far back as the 1940s. Some items are worth a fortune and extremely rare, but dad loves to show off the collection to friends and colleagues - and is even happy for his grandchildren to go in there. I love going into this room to look at old favourites and to spot something new. I’ve already introduced my son, even though he’s just six months old.

Lyceum Theatre

I have been going to shows and plays at the Lyceum since I was young. I loved going there to see plays during my GCSEs as part of my drama course at Westfield Sport College. The Lyceum is true Sheffield gold - the building has such a beautiful interior, the management pick a really diverse range of shows and plays that appeal to the whole family and it’s got a great central location.


I admit, I am a Meadowhall addict. It’s the best place to shop for everything you need - from jewellery to kids’ toys. My dad Steve is a huge art fan and has given me an appreciation of it. I love going to look at the original artwork in the Castle Gallery. The collections change regularly so there’s usually something different to see. I suppose the thing that draws me back time and again to Meadowhall is the convenience factor - and the choice. I can get everything I need under one roof, in one shopping trip. Then I can pop into the Oasis food court for a sandwich.

Cineworld’s IMAX screen

Because I’m the editor of WorldofSuperheroes.com I get invited to the premieres of all the latest sci-fi, fantasy and superhero films - it’s one of the best perks of the job! The massive IMAX screen is the best way to see the latest blockbusters. I always have to get a mixed Tango slushy and some sweet popcorn to go into the film with. They have a monthly quiz on too with great prizes and fans of different movie genres turn up to show of their knowledge.