Favourite Things: Revealing the very best of gaming across city

Sally Jones is an entrepreneur with a passion for engaging with other creatives and supporting independent businesses. She came to Sheffield to study at university over a decade ago and fell in love with the city.She loves the warm community feeling, the beautiful vistas in the Peak District and the thriving cultural scene. “Sheffield has everything anyone could possibly want!” she exclaims.

Friday, 10th May 2019, 7:34 am
Updated Wednesday, 15th May 2019, 2:53 pm
My Favourite Things Feature.....Pictured is Sally Jones at the Treehouse Board Game Cafe,Boston Street,Sheffield.......Pic Steve Ellis

After a traumatic head injury which left her unable to work a regular job, Sally used her love of Lindyhop dancing and Sheffield’s vibrant vintage scene to create her first shabby chic product - a hair flower. As her health improved, so did her creativity, and her business, The Crafting Jones, was born.Sally takes inspiration from her passions; swing dancing, travel, board games, music and RPGs. This lifelong love of gaming led to her developing a second line of products, which she likes to call geek chic, where she uses real game pieces to handcraft accessories and homeware.Sally also loves to create personalised and unique pieces to bring joy into her customers’ lives. As an artist she strives to make unique pieces to make a person’s home a more beautiful place, so she tailors her work to a client’s requirements and tastes, with delightful results!You can find out more about her products and bespoke service at www.thecraftingjones.com, or follow her on social media: Facebook - @thecraftingjones Instagram - @thecraftingjones Twitter - @craftingjones.Sally has revealed her favourite places to game and geek out in Sheffield below.

Patriot GamesThis to me is THE home of gaming in Sheffield. The staff are so friendly and helpful; it genuinely feels like a family. There is a wide selection of board games, role playing game books, as well as trading card game packs, along with miniatures. It’s a one stop shop for all your gaming needs. Patriot Games also host regular events and tournaments, and have a large open play space upstairs. They’ve recently celebrated their 25th birthday - they’re truly a gaming institution and a key part of the tabletop gaming community in Sheffield. Here’s to another 25 years! http://www.patriotgames.ltd.uk/store/

Treehouse Board Game Cafe

Peak District

It’s a delightful airy space, with genial and knowledgeable staff, and delicious food and delectable rhubarb gin. Oh, and an awesome selection of board games! What’s not to love? The Treehouse hosts monthly playtest sessions, as well as other events such as quizzes and RPG sessions, which helps the whole gaming community develop in Sheffield. I love coming here to relax with friends; it’s a fantastic way to spend an evening. https://www.treehousesheffield.com/

Sheffield Board Games ClubThere are so many ways to play with this sociable bunch. People are more than welcome to turn up, or you can use the forum to pre-arrange games if there’s something specific you want to play. You can bring your own games with you or just rock up and join in the fun! The fact that most meetings are held at one of my favourite pubs, The University Arms, is an added bonus! http://www.sheffieldboardgamers.com/

CHILLCONHaving successfully completed its third iteration earlier this year, this wargaming convention is branching out with accessories, dice and even cake! There’s still the important bits though - miniatures, Vikings and mead! What more could you want?!? This is a wonderful, fun event that’s going from strength to strength and I’m looking forward to attending again next year. http://www.chillcon.co.uk/

GarriConsHeld at the beautiful and charming Garrison Hotel in Hillsborough, this series of RPG conventions are affectionately referred to by regulars as the GarriCons. Organised by different people, but with a lot of crossover of coordinators and attendees, these small but perfectly formed conventions have become the de facto home of RPGs in the UK. I particularly recommend the 7 Hills and Furnace conventions! https://garrison.omnihedron.co.uk/

Wargames EmporiumYou travel up an inviting spiral staircase, to a treasure trove of historical and quirky miniatures, board games and geeky accessories. It’s a lovely little store with the essence of gaming geekery oozing from the walls - well worth a visit!https://www.wargamesemporium.co.uk/