It’s time to take some time out for just me

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Contrary to popular opinion, I rather like a rose that is just beyond its best, especially the pink ones, still stunning, but slightly grey at the edges.

The “sell by” date has expired but still it’s beautiful, it should be the emblem of the menopause.

Sheffield Food Festival'A damp day in Sheffield as the festival takes place

Sheffield Food Festival'A damp day in Sheffield as the festival takes place

That’s not to say menopausal women can’t be vibrant and strong, I frequently change the phrase “man-up” to “woman-up,” And here’s the thing, being vibrant, strong women, should we care if we want to sit by ourselves in public to eat our lunch? Should we worry about being a Billy-no-Mates, or should have the chutzpah to do it. Well of course we should, but to be honest, it makes it easier if we’re tooled for the task. We can’t just sit down in a sunny spot in Peace Gardens and pull a tin-foiled tuna butty from a supermarket carrier bag. It’s much more elegant to slip a Cath Kidston tote off your shoulder, break out the latest Kate Atkinson, a cool pair of shades (possibly bifocal but who can tell) and a gorgeous Lakeland lunch box. Lakeland is the store of choice for many a middle aged woman (among others of course) and Nigella’s Soba Sesame Noodles is my 2014 lunch of choice.

Back to the strong independent woman thing, I find that in my 50s a solitary lunch is no longer something to be scared of, taking time out for yourself is a good thing – liberating even. I

It’s a chance to sit and take stock of what your day has been so far and what it still needs to be – school run/dinner/ironing or a full on Thelma and Louise scenario to get you through to bedtime.

Or time out to just simply sit and study other people as they pass and daydream about what their lives are. Just me? Ok then.

Whatever, I think that an oasis in the middle of the day is something we all need and will need even more when World Cup fever hits every household and street in England.

My own particular household has a very male, very football-centric demographic. My son, whilst (not) revising for GCSEs also writes the Doncaster Rovers blog for Shoot Magazine, and my husband and brother are also lifelong fans of the club, along with Louis Tomlinson, the boy-bander who may be the co-chairman of his home town club by the time you read this.

If you want some footy-free time, you could always read my blog – nothing remotely Brazilian in there – guaranteed.

I on the other hand plan on watching every match – on my ipad – at lunch time – possibly in Peace Gardens.