Let’s get pupils excited about PE

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The LINKS School Sport Partnership specialises in curriculum support, CPD for teachers, competition delivery and sport coaching across a variety of sports.It is made up of families of schools based around several secondary schools across the city.

Links SSP have School Sport Coordinators are based within secondary schools and with the secondary school’s family of primary schools assisting the development high quality PE, and increased opportunities to take part in school sport and out of hours learning.

Our main hub schools are All Saints Catholic High School, Sheffield Springs Academy, Notre Dame Catholic High School, Stocksbridge High School, Bradfield Secondary School, Talbot Special School and Seven Hills School.

The partnership works to also deliver a variety of exciting and innovative sporting events for the children in Sheffield. We work with key partners such as Sheffield Hallam University and Sheffield International Venues to help deliver these events and projects. With such a wide variety of sports and events we rely on a great and enthusiastic team to ensure the quality of these events are as high as possible.

We also aim to help up-skill teachers and through our partnership with Sheffield Hallam University, allow students to improve and develop their confidence to deliver high quality PE lessons. We provide numerous CPD sessions for our schools to help in areas they may be less confident or unsure in. These ensure the children access the highest quality physical education possible.

Without our large volunteer workforce many of these events and programmes would not run to the level we have come to demand and expect. As a charity, having volunteers give up their time to support our work helps us greatly and is something we are always thankful for.

With the new School Sport Premium, funding is going directly to primary school head teachers over the next three years; schools can now chose how to use the funding. School Sport premium allows the schools to hire specialist PE teachers or qualified sports coaches during or after school and encourage sporting activities between schools.

We hope that we can engage more children, parents and teachers in all types of physical activity and get them excited about sport and being active!

For more information on how you can get involved or how we can help your local school contact us at info@links-ssp.com or @LinksSSP and facebook.com/linksss