Letter: Would you be willing to trade places with a citizen of China, Russia, North Korea, or Iran?

In your Telegraph Column of Oct. 24th, reader David Garlovsky (DG) is permitted his brexit views and concerns with Boris Johnson and Donald Trump, which then meld into the rise of fascism in Hitler's pre-war Germany.

Monday, 28th October 2019, 9:36 am
Updated Monday, 28th October 2019, 10:40 am
An EU flag flies in the face of Parliament

DG starts- as he means to continue-by stating the obvious "In Britain there are political, social and economical problems". Name a country DG, in which there aren't! These have been around for millennia and will continue. So far, so blandly socialist manifesto.

Then by paragraph five he has not once, but twice stated " Both the Nazi and Conservative party" in some attempted conflation of ideals, aims, intentions and historical record. I cannot be alone in my condemnation of this attempted perversion of history. Apparently the link is "they both create policies to appeal to as many people as possible "Hells teeth DG, you think? Not only that they both want "to persuade people of their point view". Revelatory stuff, DG, what shall we call this new science? Politics sounds good, just like every party in the free world. But no, to justify your by-line that we " are living in dangerous and absolutely undemocratic times", the cheap shot comes easy. Good job for you that the Telegraph "brand" is built on a tradition of accuracy and fairness.

However, trying to laud Gina Miller cuts both ways DG. This millionaire remainer has form, not once but twice reaching for her chequebook to counter the 2016 result. Fortunately in England we have courts and judges who rightly slapped Boris down.And here, unlike Nazi Gemany our judiciary has nothing to fear from the executive.

However you do touch a nerve with "the public feeling politically homeless". In Hallam we have had zero Westminster representation for two years since the seat was hijacked by labour,s thuggish momentum cult,who along with non-resident students, allow Jared O’Marah to squat here. Also, as a resident of 28 years you cannot be so myopic to state Brexit was " promoted by many journalists, broadcasters and media". In truth from the BBC down, condescension, bile, incomprehension were heaped upon leavers, and still is.

Finally DG, you quote Benn the younger, and project fear, but fail to mention the Labour 19. Why? These MP,s have been vilified, and threatened by Comrade Corbyn’s momentum mob who have turned the party into an anti Semitic cabal. Surely DG, with your background that should resonate louder than current polling numbers. Which by the way is how liberal democracy works in the UK. " We now live in the most bureaucratic and terrifying system in the world " You really believe that, David? Well, would you be willing to trade places with a citizen of China, Russia, North Korea, or Iran? Thought not.Neil. A. Satur

S11 9HH