Letters: Please don’t reawaken our city’s memory of the street tree massacre

We are in the midst of a biodiversity and climate crisis. The next decade will require a huge effort in restoring areas of land to increase their nature value and land which is already teeming with wildlife needs to be protected.

Tuesday, 23rd July 2019, 4:24 pm
Updated Tuesday, 23rd July 2019, 4:38 pm

Owlthorpe Fields in Beighton is one such area; it is incredibly rich habitat, enhanced by its connectivity to woodland and the surrounding greenbelt.

The first time I visited Owlthorpe Fields, I immediately wanted to get out my trusty

field guides to identify the treasures it contained. Locals told me that it was a popular destination for twitchers and that they loved living next to this unofficial nature sanctuary where butterflies and birds enriched their lives.

And yet, Sheffield City Council ruling Labour group are insisting that 500 homes need to be built on Owlthorpe Fields. Cllr Olivia Blake is defending the council’s decision to sell the land to developers, despite a dire lack of appropriate road infrastructure for current housing and overwhelming opposition from local residents.

Putting aside these good reasons to not develop this site further, if Blake had any real sense of Owlthorpe Fields’ worth, she would fight hard to save it.

I live on the other side of Sheffield, but if the sale goes ahead I will stand with local residents in solidarity to make sure this land is not developed. Sheffield City Council, please don’t reawaken our city’s memory of the street tree massacre.

Rebecca Atkinson

Bellhagg Road