Letters: Should we condemn our own grandchildren

At the EU referendum in 2016 millions of Labour voters chose ‘leave’, which surprised lots of people, including myself. Many of them were in what we now call ‘left behind’ communities, where poverty and lack of hope for any improvement were major influences.

Wednesday, 17th April 2019, 14:20 pm
Updated Tuesday, 16th April 2019, 14:20 pm
Brexit supporters. Picture: Chris Etchells

No doubt the constant propaganda against the EU from right wing newspapers played a part. Now we are in a crisis and we need to think differently. Now we know that the people who designed Brexit were incompetent and got their sums wrong. Now we know that leaving the EU will make Britain poorer – either slightly poorer, or very much poorer, with lower growth and lower tax revenues. At the next election we hope and pray for a Labour Government and their main task will be to repair the country’s damaged public services, with support for the NHS, proper funding for mental health services, adequate funding for the police and schools, together with making a start on fairer local authority funding and more affordable house building. What Jeremy Corbyn and his team do not need is the extra burden of dealing with an economy damaged by Brexit. Additionally the Labour Party and the EU share and promote the same values on democracy, human rights, freedom of religion, environment issues and concern for the planet. They are a perfect fit. That is why our young people are repelled by the ‘Leave means Leave’ mantra. They have a higher vision of a brave new world and 80 per cent of 18 year olds want to remain in the EU. Should we condemn our own grandchildren to life outside the EU, when they want to be in and making a kinder world? Please ask your MP to support the People’s Vote and please vote to remain in the EU. J. Gilbert S35