Letters: “Thank you Sheffield for voting Green!”

“Thank you to the many people who voted Green this year - 22.5% across the city.

Tuesday, 14th May 2019, 11:16 am
Angela Argenzio, of the Green Party, takes the Broomhill and Sharrow Vale seat. Picture: Marie Caley

There are more Green councillors than ever before and we will keep working hard for you. Listening to, and acting on, your views, holding the council to account and pushing for urgent action to address the climate emergency.

If we had a proportional representation voting system then 6 new Greens would have been elected alongside 9 Labour, 7 Lib Dems, and 6 others. Instead Labour got 13, the Lib Dems 11 and only 4 new Green councillors were elected.

On top of this, Sheffield Labour changed the council rules last year to limit the Green group to only 1 motion at every other meeting. Labour and Lib Dems each get a motion every full council meeting, with Labour getting 2. Greens only had 4 in total last year. This was clearly a party political, anti-democratic, move to stifle opposition voices. Motions are a vital part of representing the views of the people of Sheffield. All councillors should be free to put them forward to best represent people in the wards they were elected to serve.”

Martin Phipps

Green Party Councillor for City Ward