Letters: I just hope we can sit back & reflect on a civilised way to get out of this mess

The spur for these few words is my just having read yet another angry letter about the country still being in the EU. I am sick & tired of hearing about surrender, traitors , betrayal & the like from our elitist leadership.

Monday, 30th September 2019, 10:27 am
Updated Monday, 30th September 2019, 11:55 am
A European Union flag in front of Big Ben.

The way I see it is we have a buffoon (or is it just an act)of a PM with questionable integrity stoking the fires of populist opinion & using it all for his personal advancement. At the same time as he supposedly pursues the people’s choice he uses illegal tactics to undermine Parliament to dig himself out of a hole he has made for himself – how clever was it remove the whip of dissenters and so his majority?

He is as much a man of the people as Rees-Mogg. To be fair other politicians haven’t covered themselves with glory either – but some have been consistent & measured.

The problem is the country is split and Parliament is split & the answer is not to carry on as we have been but to try to find a way to heal the divisions.

Yes, the Referendum produced a majority for Leave but no terms were discussed at that stage and we were assured we would be in the land of milk & honey quickly & easily, trade deals right, left & centre.

Significantly nearly one third of those registered didn’t even vote – either they couldn’t be bothered or they couldn’t see a way through the untruths they were fed from both sides. Have they got an opinion now?

It seems to me that MPs have no way of measuring what the country wants or is willing to tolerate to get what it wants.

We need another referendum. I know, sharp intake of breath time!

But why not?

People can & do change their minds in the light of new circumstances & experiences – that change could be either way – but after three & half years I can’t see many people being happy with what’s happening and the issues have proved far more complex than we were told in the campaign.

The referendum could be multiple choice & compulsory – anything to try resolve the current deadlock and to establish what sort of Brexit a true majority is voting for.

After this referendum then a General Election presumably, but for me the two cannot be combined – Brexit & the policies for a Government are separate and party politics shouldn’t be in the mix. If they were some parties better get cracking on finding a few policies.

I just hope we can sit back & reflect on a civilised way to get out of this mess & do not become so inflexible as to discount another opportunity to think about Brexit and what we are willing to accept in order to achieve what we vote for.

Andy Worton