Owls fan’s view: I can’t see us worrying top six

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I’ve had a summer off Wednesday all together - no tweets, blogs, newspaper columns or pre-season friendlies, and very little discussion about S6 events either, writes Steve Walmsley.

My level of disgruntlement after a season of struggle (capped off by the awful performance at Peterborough in the penultimate game), and DJ’s hit and miss transfer activity was pretty high.

Ally that to general unhappiness about the game in this country and the joyful diversion of energy into a one-year-old and you have a recipe for total rejection, if you don’t leave it all alone for a bit.

So, that’s what I’ve done. Which of course means that I approach the new season a bit off the pace from a personal experience perspective but armed with information from the news and my own opinions.

As the financial fair play rules begin to bite on the clubs who don’t have the increased parachute money, it feels like the Championship is heading towards becoming a Premiership Mark Two, with a few clubs able to buy success and the rest locked out, unless a club can find a way to do it on a budget that complies with the new rules.

To me it doesn’t feel that Wednesday will be a club capable of doing that very soon. Personally, I don’t have a lot of confidence in the manager as a transfer wheeler-dealer - and that’s what we need.

The ‘will MM sell or will he not’ debate also adds to the uncertainty.

Apart from Helan, the transfer activity so far has been all about possibles (Maghoma and Nuhiu, who shall henceforth be known as “the big lad”) rather than probables.

The window is still open for a few weeks yet and things might improve but the squad doesn’t look considerably stronger than the one we ended last season with.

For me a season of midtable mediocrity looks like the best we might get out of it as I can’t see us worrying the top six.

On the more positive side, at least Stuart Gray has signed on for another season so hopefully the defensive organisation we discovered after he arrived will hold and keep us clear of troubling the bottom six!

Enjoy the season and all the local derbies!