Pause for Thought: I wonder if women are wandering

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Time to get psychic, campers.

What is the name of the new book that had, the last time I checked at Sheffield Central Lending Library, a waiting list of 34? Are you now in a flap and flummoxed and feeling flushed? Good! Stare at a candle flame and think of fleece and flounder and Flanders. You’re getting warm? Move back from the candle just a smidge.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, or, maybe you were one of the people on the waiting list and know just what I mean and so have not had the need to Get Psychic, the name of the book is an Fl for a flaneurism category publication and is called Flaneuese: Women Walk the City in Paris, Rome Tokyo, Venice and London. It’s by Laura Elkin.

I’m not really plugging the book as I have not read it, (I’m waiter for the book, number 34) but simply the fact that there is an obvious local interest in the publication suggests to me that there are even more women who walk the city of Sheffield than even I thought.

Am I jumping to conclusions here, for maybe the hopeful readers-to-be of the book are mostly men gathering more information about women – how to meet women on the street and what they might be up to, for example? Keep your eyes peeled for flaneuese cruisers!

I know a few women walkers of the city personally, and, I think I can spot a walker in flaneur/euse mode of any gender; as long as it’s not raining.

It can be tricky to spot a flaneur/euse if you’re in a cafe out of the wet and there aren’t any of your ilk in the cafe at that time.

There certainly won’t be many walking past in the sopping wet world, pausing to muse and enthuse and looking worryingly serene.

But there are definitely a few hardier types and these are often as not dames (no names) and they are of the special Sheffield variety; bred on incessant rambles in the Peaks or the other city-bordering countrysides.

And as such they dress for the weather.

Heaven forbid, sacré bleu! And they are out and about, so look out.