Pause for Thought: Join the FAF and faff about

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Who dawdles wins!

That my dears is the motto of the not so famous at the moment but ‘special’, FAF. Coming soon to a street near you – guerrilla-ish contingents of flaneurs/ueses in a infinity of guises (after all it’s been Halloween) and all acting more or less independently of each other, but with each other in the flaneur spirit of lacksadaisicality and tendency to word invention.

Fabulous Ambulating Flaneurs/euses (FAF) drifting in their own ether but constantly on the slow-go know of the city; always ready for a pensive ponder or a lengthy if not languorous look over yonder; or do I mean up yonder? That’s where the roll is said to be called isn’t it?

Yonder once was a castle, Sheffield Castle, aye and more recently Sheffield Market. Now the site is a very large hole surrounded by ‘arted’ hoardings that have built-in child- and wheelchair-user friendly viewing holes to eyeball the construction site. I chanced on this gem last week while finding my way to Victoria Quays. Why gem?

My eyes were drawn immediately to the hoardings covered with pictures illustrating Sheffield Castle’s history and the later much loved Sheffield market’s story. Many memories spurred of times spent down the markets. Well worth a trip down to have a look see. Next to this there is a freshly paved open space that is begging to have a party or street festival on it – I can hear David Bowie’s words and the music “Put on your red dress…”

That being said, today I’m faffing about at the new Sheffield markets at the bottom of the Moor and I’m on imbibe mode. The little cafe near the market main entrance serves delicious coffee!

The flaneur’s eye really does come into fine focus during and after a really decent cup of coffee sipped and savoured. At the moment, busker-played Balkans-style accordian music wafts from near the market entrance and is ‘continentalising’ the moment for me.

Ah, I’ve just spotted a probable member (though she may not know) of the FAF. Oh, a pleasingly soft October day.