Pause for thought: Phlegmatic and in good humour

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Ole, my flanuese-sita amiga and yours truly have been on perambulation to places painted on by Phlegm – the ‘humor’ artist that is.

It was a Wednesday as I recall, and a bit chilly. We had to constantly adjust our other three humors according to ancient Greek medicine (the choleric and bilious in particular) as we swashed and swished our way along student-infested Ecclesall Road, until, at last we came to an innocuous back lane just before the well-known, to people who live in the area, Berkeley Precinct, where once was located, not so long ago, the best damn DVD shop in the city .

Strange birds with very long beaks and weird animals wearing boots and tube dresses

So anyway there it was, our first Phlegm-anation, and it was the size of a house.

I knew this for certain because the mural by the artist known as Phlegm who used to hail from Sheffield, covered the complete side of a real house. Hmm.

Strange birds with very long beaks and weird animals wearing boots and tube dresses, these are a few of my favourite Phlegm things on display here.

And as soon as we stopped to look, a man stepped off the pavement into the road and began taking photographs of the artwork .

He, we soon found out through engaging in chat chit, is also a mural artist like ‘Mr’ Phlegm.

While this was all happening, and to further complicate matters, I had a Canadian moment come over me.

It made me wish that I had my own personalised coffee mug for walking about with in my hand (and some decently-humoured coffee in the mug too of course).

After this reverie subsided my amiga of the walkabout urged me on to the next mucosic mural by the said ‘humor’ artist.

Hey no hawking here honey.

More weird and wonderful animals and birds, this time multi-coloured, in a little bent Lane off Sharrow Vale road near Hunter’s Bar roundabout.

A truly dreadful coffee followed.

The rest is a blur.