Sheffield Wednesday: Owls expect loan market to end

Roger Johnson arrived on a three-month emergency loan
Roger Johnson arrived on a three-month emergency loan

If you think it’s been uneventful lately on the Wednesday scene then be warned: it could be even quieter next season.

I hear from Hillsborough that the club believe that this really could be the last season when emergency loans for Football League clubs are allowed.

FIFA have long frowned upon what they see as a loophole in the transfer system as it allows clubs effectively to trade players outside of the proper transfer windows.

It is well documented that the game’s ruling body are renewing attempts to bar emergency loans.

I’m not aware of this causing a huge stir yet, but I’m sure it will do if and when it happens.

There will be various ramifications. From the Owls’ perspective, it would mean an end to the fall-back tactic of relying in the short-term loan market if they are unable to sign or cannot afford targets in the summer.

There would be no deals of the sort that have brought Roger Johnson, Matty Fryatt, Damian Martinez and others to Hillsborough, outside the windows, for one to three months.

Presumably the present system within the windows would remain, in which case “standard” loans would still be permissible. These are for half a season or a full season.

But for the time being we can wonder whether the loans of Johnson, Fryatt and Martinez will be extended and what further ins and outs may be in store at Hillsborough.

It seems that another striker is currently beyond the means of Jones.

His cryptic comment yesterday was something of a reference to that issue: “Sometimes you might want something for your house, but you can’t afford it so you can’t have it.”

However, I have felt for some time that the non-arrival of Leroy Lita this season was more because Jones was pursuing other, preferred targets, than because Lita - now on loan at Brighton - was unattainable.

Federico Macheda and Billy Sharp are known to have been on his list but went elsewhere.

In the end, it came down to a straight choice between Lita and Fryatt, says Jones.

Fryatt has certainly not been a disappointment, and it is to be hoped that his stay can be extended.