Telegrah View: Time to know your neighbour

Nancy Fielder
Nancy Fielder

There are times when the simplest of actions can be the most powerful.

Today we are asking you to back our latest campaign, Know Your Neighbour.

The idea is basic and it is easy to get involved but the impact could be huge.

We live in a city that is incredibly mixed yet so many of us just don’t know our neighbours.

Teenagers are just as likely as pensioners to feel isolated. Some of us are surrounded by people, virtually or real, yet have nobody to talk to. But we could all make a difference to individuals and the wider community - just by talking.

This is not aimed at any particular age, gender, area, religion or colour. In fact, that is the whole point of it.

The campaign was created with support from the Pakistan Muslim Centre and Link FM, but is already being backed by a wide range of organisations and businesses.

We will be making suggestions for how to build bonds across neighbourhoods in coming weeks and months, but to start all we are asking is that you talk to those living around you.

That new mum who you smile at but don’t know her name, the widower who lives on his own, the firm next to your workplace or the couple next door. If we can build relationships in our immediate area, the whole city will improve.

Sheffield is already hailed as one of the friendliest places in the country but much more is needed.

We will be working with community and voluntary groups across the city to highlight their great work, while encouraging readers to get involved.

Find out more on Page 25 and get in touch if you want to tell us about friendships in your neighbourhood or schemes that we should be telling everyone about.

Contact reporter Rochelle Barrand, email or write to Rochelle Barrand, Know Your Neighbour Campaign, Sheffield Telegraph, York Street, Sheffield, S1 1PU.