Telegraph Column by Becky Gee: Sheffield gallery offers something different

Shoppers on Chapel Walk, Sheffield
Shoppers on Chapel Walk, Sheffield

Metamorphosis is a biological process where a living organism develops physically to take a different form.

This process is something that has inspired many artists.

The outcomes range from imagery portraying visual change to live art which transforms as the ‘performance’ is executed.

These ideologies allow meanings to be hidden among each other, playing on the idea of a visual metaphor.

The 35 Chapel Walk gallery is a city centre-based art space which has been constantly transforming and developing since its birth almost two years ago.

The space offers something which I rarely see in an art gallery.

It offers artists a platform to put on a solo exhibition while also producing high-quality group exhibitions.

Recently, I have been attending development management meetings at the gallery to discuss the space’s journey and working to map out its future.

With this focus under way, there seemed no better theme for their birthday exhibition than Metamorphosis.

The show brings together artists who have made themselves present in the community that surrounds 35 Chapel Walk.

Unlike any exhibition prior to this one, all the art work for the show was made during the opening event.

Throughout the live art event, the artists publicly made the art – transforming the gallery into a studio setting.

Viewers saw the progression of the art work as it happened, resulting in the viewer possibly never seeing the finished product.

Metamorphosis has provoked artworks from Naomi Gordon, Stephen Carley, Jodie Silverman, Sally MacDonald, Sue Griffiths and Aidan Pinsent.

The artists all take a different approach to their practice. Some work in paint where others favour performance, sculptures sharing space with interactive installation.

Throughout the making process there was curatorial influence from independent curator Liz Dickinson of local collective Curate Sheffield.

Liz encouraged conversation among artists and visitors to shape the final placement and aesthetic completion of the exhibition.

My only regret in the organisation of this show is that I wasn’t there on the night to co-curate.

Unfortunately I was attending my first Venice Biennale!

n Metamorphosis runs until September 28, from 11am to 4pm daily.

Visit for further details.