Today’s columnist, Abaid Hussain: If you’re thinking of becoming a special constable , go for it

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I have always been interested in working for the police. I can remember when I started college and went along to the local police station and asked what it was like to be a police officer, the officer took me to the station window and asked me “what’s coming around the corner?” When I said I didn’t know, he told me that this is what policing was like – you never know what’s coming round the corner as it’s such a varied and unique role.

He was definitely right!

Having done many volunteer roles, I have to say being a special constable has been the most challenging role I have ever taken on. It has given me a huge amount of responsibility, which in turn has helped me to develop as an individual.

When the role of special constable was advertised in 2012, I jumped at the chance and have never looked back. I had my mind set that I would never get through but the day I was told I was accepted I will cherish forever, I couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

I have been working as a Special in Rotherham district for around two years now and I must say, I have enjoyed every minute of it and can’t wait to go back for more after every shift. A typical shift can include responding to 999 calls that come into our control room, responding to incidents; such as road traffic accidents, assaults, domestic incidents and investigating crimes and supporting victims.

Apart from the fact that my epaulette has an ‘SC’ and a crown on it and I’m a volunteer, my job is the same as a regular officer. I do many of the same things such as patrols, engaging with the community and of course, dealing with crimes.

One of the recent jobs I handled was a road traffic accident where a vehicle had collided with another and the driver failed to stop. He then refused to have a breath-test and was abusive towards me so was charged and summonsed to court where I gave evidence and he was found guilty.

It was really rewarding to see a successful outcome on a job that I dealt with from the start and to be involved all the way through. For me, it’s confirmed the positive impact that I make in my community to make it a better and safer place. 

I work full time as a customer service advisor and the great thing about being a special constable is that I can fit it in around my work and family life. Policing is a 24 /7 service, which means I can balance it around me, which makes the role even better.

If you’re thinking about becoming a special constable, I would say go for it. It’s a rewarding job, which can change you as an individual, develop you further and it will teach you life skills which I don’t think any other job or volunteer role could offer.

I did it and I have never looked back.

n SC Hussain will be at the Special Constable recruitment stand at Meadowhall on Saturday. For more on becoming a Special Constable, visit South Yorkshire Police