"We're proud to live in such a diverse city"

Doris Lowman and Yasmin Lee can usually be found baking bread and cakes in some of Sheffield’s most established artisan bakeries. They have a lot in common as they both graduated with science degrees from the University of Sheffield and independently pursued careers in baking.

Thursday, 15th August 2019, 01:10 am
Yasmin Lee and Doris Lowman, pictured, have launched a new Patisserie masterclass business called Quince and Crumb.

They met whilst working at Seven Hills Bakery and became good friends. Doris was born in Sheffield. She is a published knitwear designer and a serial winner of pub quizzes. She is the bakery manager at Depot bakery in Kelham Island and also is one of the organisers of the Burly Q burlesque night. Yasmin first came to Sheffield to study Zoology and then left shortly after graduating. She spent six years abroad working as a scuba diving instructor and then returned to make Sheffield her home again. She is now head of pastry at Seven Hills Bakery.

The pair decided to team up to share their passion for baking with the people of Sheffield. They started Quince and Crumb, a business offering artisan patisserie masterclasses, which are available to people of all experience levels. The classes are interactive and give people a chance to practice patisserie techniques with expert guidance and support.

Quince and Crumb have just announced a new series of masterclass for autumn, starting with cakes for occasions and for everyday on the 4th September at Depot Bakery. You can book any of their classes by going to www.quinceandcrumb.eventbrite.com you can book any of their classes online with Eventbrite.

The Cutlery Works in Sheffield. The former cutlery works is now a indoor food market with multiple restaurants and bars. Picture: Chris Etchells

The Rivers

We feel so lucky to live in the city of five rivers, there are so many different ways to enjoy them. Whether you are visiting the many bars and restaurants along the Don, or admiring the ferns and foraging chestnuts by Wyming Brook, the water always provides a calming sanctuary, away from the hubbub of the city. Sheffield’s history is strewn along its riverbanks and there are so many relics of its industrial past dotted along the waterways, from millstones to beautiful old Victorian factories and workshops. The rivers are also teaming with wildlife, we’ve seen mink, kingfishers and water voles amongst other things.


Sheffield is a great city to dance in. You can find all sorts of classes, social dance nights and clubs offering every type of music. We’ve both been dancing in some shape or form since we were kids, we have that it common and we each have our favourites, which we’ve introduced to each other. Our favourite places to dance are Dance Revolution for Latin dance, Sarah Grace Hobson Entertainment for burlesque and dancehall, and Off the Ground Pole for pole dancing.

Tea and Cake

We’re both massive fans of a cuppa and a piece of cake and one of the nicest things when you work in hospitality it to go and sit at a table and enjoy the service and the food that you usually provide to others. There are so many great bakeries and cafes to choose from. Of course there is Seven Hills Bakery and the Depot Bakery where we both spend a lot of time, but we also like the Treehouse Board Games Cafe and Jameson’s Cafe and Tea Rooms.

Kelham Island

Kelham island and the surrounding areas have undergone an astounding transformation in the last few years. There is so much happening there now, loads of new businesses have opened and a lot of the magnificent old industrial buildings have been beautifully restored and regenerated. There is also some fantastic street art. We are both local to this side of town, so it’s great that we can enjoy the ever increasing options for food, drink and activities in our local area. We both like to peruse the stalls in the Cutlery Works and then invariably always choose Edo Sushi, as it’s our favourite spot there.


We’re proud to live in a diverse city, home to people from all walks of life who bring different ideas and cultures together and make up the many communities around the city. Of course as foodies, we really appreciate all the different international cuisines that are represented and all the amazing ingredients that are on offer in the markets. Sometimes just a trip to a mini market or a restaurant can feel like travelling abroad. It’s great to have your mind opened to new experiences without having to even leave you neighbourhood.