YOUR SAY: Online reaction to Sheffield Wednesday takeover collapse

Milan Mandaric
Milan Mandaric

Unsurprisingly, the statement issued by Sheffield Wednesday chairman Milan Mandaric effectively calling time on the proposed takeover of the club by Azerbaijani businessman Hafiz Mammadov sent South Yorkshire’s pocket in cyberspace into a frenzy.

Owls fans appeared to breathe a sigh of relief that the deal collapsed, but where does it leave Wednesday now?

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Here is a selection of views on Mandaric’s statement:


Might have been a bad decision anyway. We are fine and stable as we are - Tom Lacey

I think we should all take our shirts back and swap for ones without sponsor on or with new sponsors on, then make Mammadov pay for the hassle! - Steve Stuart

Best thing that could happen this ... performances are good on the pitch - takeover is not the be all and end all - Richard Norman

Better to get the right person in and be patient. Bravo to Mr Mandaric for looking after our club. Just look at what has happened to Leeds. - Nick Birch

Good decision. Better off sticking with Milan, he is a good man and we owe him a lot - Ayshia Kim Turner

It’s a shame the deal’s fallen through but it’s best for the team and for Wednesday in the long run, respect to Mr M for his hard work and the massive will roll on as before. - Nicholas Handley

Phew. The work Stuart Gray and the team are doing will surely help us secure a much more stable and prosperous takeover bid. - Chris Tricklebank


Who needs it? Let’s think positive! - @Victoria1867

Honestly think it’s good. Too many questions over Mammadov’s head. - @stevenowls

Who puts a sponsor on a team kit before the money’s even in the bank... What a joke! - @Tim_Rowson

Small sense of disappointment but relief because of Mammadov’s problems elsewhere. Blessing in disguise? - @bolly1988

I think its a blessing in disguise, obvious early on that this man couldn’t be trusted. - @BradOwl

Hardly a surprise to be fair. We should now draw a line under this and move on - @BritPen

With luck Mandaric will use this as cover to engage with other interested parties. He says they’re out there! - @WEBI48

Been dead for weeks. Far too risky when looking at Lens. Better to improve gradually - look at Portsmouth - @hirsty9

No great loss. He hasn’t put any money in and we are doing well. The sponsorship lawsuit will be interesting - @BrandonEgley

I think it’d be a much bigger drama if we hadn’t had the great start we’ve had to the season. - @NeAnOrScared


Wednesday were warned from day one about this guy, you just have to look at his business interests elsewhere. The ‘bird brains’ that thought this was a new dawn will feel pretty foolish right now. - S6tramterminus

Lets hope our current position attracts new interest. Still better off than last year folks. At least we’re not skint with poor attendances, languishing in mid-table Division Three! How embarrassing would that be? - Derrin Zikks

We have a good team playing great entertaining football which is good to watch. The club is stable, fiscally controlled and not in debt. I would prefer this matter to have ended now rather than have an Mammadov causing chaos at some later point in the same way as he has done at RC Lens. - Matey Owl